Direct “-“ screwdriver to the cover from above,
which requires as little space as possible.

The provided cover are designed to be located below the main body, to provide quieter and less troublesome operation as the cover are removed to be an inhibiting element for the operation

The provided pins feature triple linking security to prevent from bending, sagging or pins getting loose, under strenuous weight and high speed.

Various inner widths can be applied for your use.

Can be mounted any direction of machine.
Roller Skate are exchangeable and give longer operation time .
Manufacturing machine and cable track system separately Does not deliver and vibration.
The length of operation time is more than ttwice compared to other types and maintenance is easy and simple.
Easy to divide hoses and cables to use Divider.
With its improved support strength for the weight load and by creating 1mm bolstering design, twisting, bending, or sagging problems under the weight of Cable and Hoses are effectively handled

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