Steel Cable Carrier

Steel H'type

  • We fix heat-treated bolts on aluminum supporters which has strong durability
  • As we arrange cables or hoses in the holes independently, we prevent twisting or cutting of them.
  • We can manufacture steel cable carriers with stainless steel in the situation where high pressure or dust happens.
  • We use special rubber rings on the aluminum supporters to prevent damage of oil hoses or cables.(It is made according to the order.)
  • We make furring bamboo in the important part to prevent the rift of the link plate when we operate the steel cable carrier. (CDK070/095)
  • We reduce 20% of weight removing unnecessary parts of the link plate.(CDK125/130/180).
  • We improved to support the weight and prevented the bending, twisting and hanging because of the weight of cables or hoses making furring bamboo after folding 1mm of the hatching part of the plate. (CDK125/130/180)
  • CDKH type steel cable carrier can be used in crane, shipyard facilities, facilities of iron and steel manufacturing, industrial plants, facilities of cold rolled steel and rolled steel, industrial machines, machine tools and so on..(The steel cable carrier can be applied to all machines. In particular, it is suitable for machines to endure very heavy weight.)

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